Guinness World Record Holder, David Fisher, The Rope Warrior brings his visually entertaining jump rope show right into your living room!  This interactive, educational, virtual show can be used at home for remote learning, or as an in-school program, or a field trip.  Students will learn valuable lessons about teamwork, and not being afraid to make mistakes.  Also, throughout the show, The Rope Warrior will ask the audience to join in the jumping fun!  With help of a GoPro camera, the audience can jump along and see what it's like to do interactive jump rope skills like traveling and double-dutch.  Is the show educational?  No bones about it!  As The Rope Warrior jumps with a giant skeleton, students will learn all the major bones in the human body to a catchy new jump rope rhyme!  David is also available for live question and answer sessions, as well as virtual jump rope workshops (each sold separately)

VIRTUAL SCHOOL ASSEMBLY NOW AVAILABLE!! Please click below for preview:


Live Performance Video

School Assembly Video

David and his Rockin Wife, Renee